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RADaKL Bodyworks began in 2008 as Reiki with Becki. Providing high quality service and in home visits to clients.

By 2015 so many different modalities had been added that Reiki with Becki was no longer fitting. So the business received a complete overhaul and RADaKL Bodyworks was created!

How did I come up with that name? I wanted something to explain the amazing work that I do and love so much. I also wanted it to be something to include my family. So... Rebekah, Al Decker and Karl L turned into RADaKL!

Rebekah Strouse, LMT
Massage Therapy, Reiki, Reflexology

Bucks County's only massaging mermaid

In 2001 Becki was in a horseback riding accident which caused many issues with her health, from a partial blind spot in her one eye to chronic pain in her neck, shoulders and back. After many years to doctors with no relief and no diagnosis for anything she decided to start looking into other options.
She found herself being guided to this thing called Reiki, with no real knowledge or understanding of it she began reading about it. Then was presented with the opportunity to join in a Reiki Share (A time when a group of Reiki Practitioners gather to work on each other), this was her first real encounter with Reiki. At the share she questioned why she was there, telling herself this was a waste of time and that it would never work... but... after she got up off the table she was amazed to find the migraine she had for the past 3 months was down to a dull headache, the pain in her neck and shoulders was almost gone and she could move her shoulders and back without popping and cracking. Amazed, she was instantly hooked on this miracle and began looking further into it and looking for classes to become certified. Soon after in June of 2010 a class was presented to her and she became certified in level 1.

Her love for Reiki continues to grow. Her young son calls it, "Mommy's magic hands" and often asks for Reiki when he gets hurt.

Becki decided to add Massage to her healing practice. She acquired her PA state license for massage in early 2014 and was thrilled to be able to offer it once again! Becki has been doing massages for people since she was 15 years old. She grew up with a group of friends who worked on farms and who were always in pain, especially during the fall harvest time. She would work out their pains to try to give them relief and strength to keep working. She loved being able to sit for hours and work on her friends and continues to enjoy working on people today.

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